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November 1, 2012

So as I keep on saying, having lots of other jobs is getting in the way of doing what I set out to do (ie make indie games).

So I live in the east about a 20 minute walk from Chorus games which is a place I visit at least 3 days a week, my other job is in the west, which involves around 35 minutes of travel on the MRT (train) to reach. I also go there 3 days a week (yes that makes 6 days, but some of the work is half days so I squeeze it all in in the 5 days). Anyway seeing as I have so little time to work on my games, the 35 MRT ride has become an essential part of my productivity!

The newer trains have this little cupboard at the back (what this small box contains is an exciting mystery ), it turns out that its great for putting a laptop on. When I get on the train it is usually pretty empty, and I don’t look away from my screen until it’s time to get off, at which point the train is rammed full of people who probably think I am weirdo, At first I was a little embarrassed about doing it, but now I realise that the extra 3 hours of work I get done a week is totally worth it! it’s got to the point hat if I get on the train and someone is in my spot I get super frustrated just waiting for them to get off…so next time I will get off myself and wait for the next train.

Anyway so my super buddy Ben left yesterday to go and work for the US office of Lucasarts after a 3 year stint here in Singapore, he will be greatly missed. I hope the new Disney acquisition doesn’t impact him or any of my friends there.

Atomic test pilot has had it’s major bug fixed, so that means….I can start looking at getting a few focus tests done before shipping it out to Apple. Which also means Nuclien Rush shouldn’t be too far behind…the only thing slowing me down is how much I am enjoying the challenge of game number 6. there is so much stuff I have never done before that I need to do to ship it, I will cut some corners for sure, but it’s still pretty daunting!

anyway I have another video of what has been happening with the game:

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  1. Jeff permalink

    Next time you’re on the train, you might see my laptop in your spot 🙂

    • damn – I should have kept my secret! – anyway you dont use the same line as me right? well not until the new office opens anyway!

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