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Over Nine Thousand.

May 22, 2016

So we have something worth celebrating! Campaign clicker has been downloaded over quarter of a million times! Which means that collectively our games have been downloaded over 5 million times!


That’s a very big number, I can skim through some other things:



All our games are rated above 4, (Campaign clicker is currently rocking a 4.2 daily average votes, although its overall is only 4.0 on google play…so hopefully it will go up over time, but, it is my lowest rated game). So in general people like our games which is nice.



Excluded from these figures: Tiny Dice Dungeon has 453,577 plays on, which is pretty cool.


Steam wasn’t counted, but Hiragana Pixel Party has been purchased 380 times, with code activations bringing it up to 594 units. Which is low, but being frank I never expected much action from steam, our future products should be more mainstream.


Yes remember we tried one? – it failed badly.


We released 2 games on 3DS, we can’t share the figures….its a lot more than steam, but a lot less than we might hope for.


I heard a rumour that we were the first developer in Singapore to get dev kits! and what have we done with them!? we got Hiragana Pixel Party up and running….but haven’t taken it over the finish line….


We finished Space Lift on the Vita, it just needs achievements and a bit of balancing. I want to finish it, but we don’t currently have any dev kits.



Off the top of my head I can think of 11 games that have been made as prototypes, or are currently in development! which is way too many, so we have decided to focus on finishing some in the near future!


Hopefully we will carry on making things that make people happy.

As we close in on having more players than the entire population of Singapore, I guess I need a new target. 64 million players….the entire population of the UK! – which seems totally impossible to me at the moment. However, if you had asked me 3 years ago to pick an impossible number for my games, I would have said that getting enough downloads for the entire population of Singapore would be kind of impossible.

So let’s think about the next 59 Million! – if we never get them, that’s fine! As really making games is all that actually matters!


To waste your lives and mine, we will try to illustrate what 5 million people looks like…to help us here is a person from “Space Lift Danger Panic!”:


And here are 10,000 “Space Lift Danger Panic!”people:


I could paste that image 100 times to reach 1 million…but I wont. Instead imagine all of those people in the above image somehow come together and create one huge naked person:

The 10,000 Man-Man:

So then to reach 5 million, we need 500 10,000 Man-Men


Amazingly it doesn’t look lie as many people as I thought it would! still, I know that if I walk through Singapore, and try to look at every person I see, I can carry on walking forever and still wont see every person. 5 Million people is a lot. I am very happy they played our games, and I am even more excited about what we can do in the future. I am proud of the fact that we back fill our adverts with good causes, and that the text I write in our games isn’t all just dumb garbage, most is, but some of the things I say I think are important, our next game has is set after an apocalypse brought on by global warming, but most people probably won’t notice….but out of the people that do, maybe one or two will think twice about taking a plastic fork instead of washing and reusing a metal one. (something I should do more of!). First and foremost I just want to make great games, and if they become even at all preachy then I will be failing at that. It’s just amazing to think the volume of people that see our stuff, and to not to want to try and do something with that.


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  1. Simuran permalink

    Many greatings for you, be cool and don’t stop develop such a good games! About downloads of your games – let it be 1/6 of entire Earth population!))) From Russia with respect, shake hands and hugs+)

  2. Viktor permalink

    Great news! Way to go Springloaded! Let your next goal be 1/6 of all mankind population.) Keep doing your games in your special style!))

  3. Cloud Viking permalink

    Please, please, please update The Last Vikings. I’ve never been hooked (strangely) so much with a mobile game and I die in desperation seeing it die slowly in such an unfinished state and with so much untapped potential!

    Maybe you feel its not worth it anymore, but I think the game is great and, with some more work and dedication poured into it, it could become way bigger. The art is excellent and dialogues are hilarious. Gameplay is innovative and lots of fun, although too grindy to hook most people I believe, and thats where its failing in my opinion. Seriously, I recommended the game to a couple of friends and they really liked it at first, but abandoned it quickly due to the hard grinding needed and slow progression after the first hours of gameplay. Its like you start and the game seems attractive, simple and fun, but soon you realize you must spend lots of time raiding the same port over and over again to earn gold to be able to progress by upgrading your boat and weapons. I think thats a filter for most people who cant get to enjoy the depth of the game because of the grinding aspect. I, on the other hand, didn’t abandon it although I heavily disliked having to grind in the most boring of ways: clicking menus over and over again to be able to actually play and advance. I mean, certain grinds can be fun, this is definetly not the case. Anyway, Im very advanced by now having many 3 star heroes, the longest boat, the finished statue and currently holding the distance record (actually, below that cheater with a distance over 9 million, Oliver Thief, whom by the way has such a suggestive name). But I know I’m the exception, and I know this because when I raid random ports, 95% of the time its from players who made little progress and obviously dont play anymore.

    Finally, I think more multiplayer interaction with a more expanded competitive side and also cooperative gameplay would absolutely nail it. I’m not sure how that could be, but that’s the part where you’re good at! If you can fix the mindless grinding, come up with a cooperative gameplay and a little bit more expanded pvp then the game would be absolutely glorious, like legendary!

    Please, try to get excited about this! This game has great potential and you can make it happen, you can make it go big!! Dont give up on it and just update it out of love, believe in it!!

    Cheers from Argentina!

    • Hi! wow, it’s humbling to hear such great feedback! We have been struggling with a facebook issue (it crashes on new Android OS) this required a major overhaul to our code base. Thankfully after seemingly an eternity it’s nearing the end, we are going to update the game in the next week or so, don’t expect lots of features…but we are hopeful it will set us up for getting a bunch of new users.

      Thanks again! feedback like this really means a lot.

      • Cloud Viking permalink

        Im glad you find it useful! Really, its what its all about, helping the game grow.

        I’ve been reading some of your posts here and find them quite interesting (read the last ones and then started reading from the beginning although I have quite a way to go yet). I think its great how transparent you are and I admire you, man.

        I know internet has been here for a while now but its in a case like this that I feel amused by this strange feeling of connection when reading thoughts, personal goals, hopes and fears of someone from a completely different part of the world who also happens to live in an even more different part of the world haha! By the way, may I ask how did you end up living in Singapore?

        Anyway, I might be getting sentimental here, but keep on striving to make great games, growing as a professional and as a human being, and above all building your happiness. I truly wish you the best, mate!

      • thanks again, I will keep on doing my best….hopefully our next games won’t disappoint anyone!
        I guess I can be abit more open than I should be when writing blogs…I just imagine no one reads them…so its like throwing a bucnh of words at a wall (which is why there are so many type-os!)

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