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February 9, 2017

So, I talked about Nintendo in a documentary. It was a lot of fun, fun is an important word…because I used the word “cool” where I should have used the word “fun”….the documentary starts with me saying something along the lines of “Nintendo Changed the videogame industry, because they made games cool” I think I meant fun….Later in the documentary I even say that mario isnt cool, unlike Sonic…so I contradict myself pretty effectively in the brief period that I feature.

It could be a lot worse, in fact, it isnt all that bad. But, I can’t shake that feeling of impostor syndrome…why am I the one talking about Nintendo? I guess I made some games on their platform (well a lot of games), but I still feel ill equipped to say too much. Still, hopefully what I said is interesting, watching it back there were a couple of weird moments where I thought “oh yeah, thats true…I never though of it quite like that” even though I was watching myself speak….yes…that sounds like I have some kind of mental disorder….perhaps I do?

For the time being, you can watch the documentary here:


Look at my face…I look old and stuff:


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