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October 7, 2016

Well it’s been a crazy couple of days!

1 – Campaign clicker Steam:

The imminent end of the USA elections meant we really needed to launch Campaign Clicker on steam….so late on Wednesday night, we finally had it uploaded and ready to launch.

Launching a game is always quite a bit of craziness, so it’s good to do it during a quiet period….this is not a quiet period!

Anyway, when I woke up in the morning I was hit with a mostly negative reviews rating, and a reasonable volume of complaining…I went to work and saw everyone’s sad faces. I think releasing a free to play game with in app purchases on steam is a fairly risky thing to do. Not only to the some of the more vocal steam users really hate F2P/IAP, they also have some pride over their platform, and so feel personal offended when we tarnish it with a game that doesn’t sit alongside the latest block buster or indie hit.

We had bets in the office of how many people would download the game in the first 7 days, and that ranged from 1 – 15K…

It’s heart breaking, we knew this was a risk, but that feeling that you made the wrong choice and crushed everyone’s morale is a little disheartening.

I was in the middle of fixing a pile of issues for the game when I got a call reminding me that I had a corporate lunch with some game developers and government folks that I had totally forgotten about. So I left and ran there while still feeling a bit dejected.

2 – Upwards

At lunch we talked about games, and just as I started to leave I glanced at my phone….and GASP!! My friend had sent a message telling me that we had a “what we are playing” front page feature on the iOS appstore for the last Vikings (USA App Store!)…suddenly my day was feeling a lot better, I stepped out of the lunch, and glanced again at my phone to see that the steam reviews had been bumped up to a “mixed”…so yeah everything is good!

3 – Further upwards

I got back to the office and finished up the update, which Jeff / Cindy / Shuyun all helped out on and got uploaded. My excitement for the last Vikings could barely be contained, because I also had a message mentioning that we were destined for a global feature this week….So yes more epic than I could take!

4 – Weirder upwards

After spending a lot more time fixing campaign clicker steam bugs and dealing with the slowly de-toxifying community, I woke up to find a potential offer for my band to release a new record! Yes a new album of punk rock after not having made one in 5 years….while it’s super awesome to be making games, I also really love making loud music. And knowing someone out there likes that loud music enough to want to release some of it made everything even more exciting!

5 – And back down…

So on Monday I have to send a demo to Nintendo of our latest game….being frank it’s not in a good place, I spent the whole day trying to get something working and failed quite spectacularly. Now there are only 2 days left, and its making me feel sad! Balancing that with Campaign Clicker, and the Last Vikings is proving tricky! But wow….from an early hours of Thursday morning steam launch to Friday, that was a pretty exciting bunch of events!

Anyway, if you are going to be in Manilla at the end of this month we will be showing Netherrealms (a game for Nintendo/mobile/steam), and our fishing game, this will be the first time either of these games have been shown….and being frank they probably arent ready! so….the stress train will keep on rolling for a little while!

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  1. Daniel permalink

    Riding a roller coaster is fun but scary at the same time ^^ I just had so much hope with you and your game as it passed greenlight on steam. But after that we (the users) didn’t hear anything about the game for 5-6 months. The android app had realy some nasty bugs and it didn’t get a update for ~7 months. I understand you have a small team but I realy thought you would update the game more often. I mean it’s a game about the US elections and everyone was talking about it !!! (!!!!!) Back to steam: I don’t know why people didn’t like the game because after 48 hours of updating my system and trying everything i stoped trying to get it to start (freezing after your logo i think it can’t detect my intel hd graphics) so I can’t comment on that. But I don’t think negative comments are because of the f2p thing, some are but this is always the case. 50% of the bad reviews are regarding bugs, crashes, freezings and people who couldn’t even start the game. 25% of the bad reviews are about the lack of content.

    Did you know that the google playstore and Steam offers the possibility to ask some people to get beta players?

    That being sad you are doing a great job. You are getting so much positive app reviews (and some positive steam reviews ;)) I realy like the graphics of your games and the music. AMAZING! I payed for your games and i’m willing to pay for your next game too. I’m realy excited of your new game Nether Realms and I hope you and your team are becoming milionairs. 🙂

    • Hi, I think what you say is pretty valid, it’s pretty hard to balance new content with new games, with our income. Maybe if we did more updates our existing games ould make more money. If we only have a small ammount of money coming in for a game, we have to really weigh up the pros and cons of investing a few days on the development of new content.

      Take campaign clicker, it’s nearly at 1 million players, but it barely made back it’s developments costs, add that to the fact that the game is basically dead now thet the elections are over and we feel that we are endangering the company by working on it.

      That isn’t to say we wont work on it….it’s just that we can’t do as much as maybe people expect. I really value your comments, and we are actually trying to figure out is we can afford to employ a couple of people just to work on keeping the games updated with new content.

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