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Blogs and Vlogs, and new games!

November 25, 2016

So, I have been thinking about trying to make a Vlog or two, and seeing how that goes. Funny thing is they probably take longer to make than writing a post for wordpress! but I think as a medium, video is way cooler, I get to directly talk at people, and show our games in action!

Expect something over the next couple of weeks. For now, this stream is like a vlog, but a it’s a particularly good vlog, because I didn’t make it.

I went to the Philippines recently for ESGS, and decided to show two new games for the first time publicly. so here they are in action for the first time ever! The two guys interviewing me were super pro, and partially inspired me to get to making videos of my own. If I can just stop making games for long enough to do the editing!

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  1. Viktor permalink

    That are good news, and your new format of bloging(vloging) is intrigue, so can’t wait to see your first episode of Springloaded dev life.)

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