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New Game, new teeth

November 8, 2012

So I went to the dentists a couple of weeks ago, and was dully told I needed a root canal…

slightly unusually before offering the root canal she offered to remove the tooth…in normal society having a tooth removed is the last resort, not the first offer. Obviously I went for the root canal.

They did the preparation(ie drilling and sticking in a temp filling). Today I went back to get the rest done…it was impressive. not only did the whole thing take forever, it exposed me to an ancient kind of dentistry I had never before witnessed.

1 – 3 X-Rays were performed….3 – go go Hulk powers.

2 – the filling that was applied was the old fashioned kind, ie I have to wait for it to set (dont eat on that side for 24 hours), it is silver and ugly.

3 – the dentist likes to hit all my teeth with the handle of her scraper thing, she does it quite hard, and if it hurts that means that my tooth might need a filling…

4 – the tools she has are really old

5 – (the best bit) so to have a root canal it is important that there be no saliva inside the hole before they fill it, it needs to dry she told me…I thought she was joking when she said it would take 15 minutes…it turns out that the little plastic thing they hold in your mouth that goes “beeeeeep” is an infrared drying device (or something like that). In the good old days (or simply in the dentist’s at the end of my road) they didnt have such things. So next to my face the assistant is holding a bunson burner which is kicking out a nice fat and scary flame. The dentist holds a really old looking pin thing in the fire and heats it up, then shoves it in my cavity hoping to heat away the moistness. after doing this several times and giving me a small burn on my lip she decided it wasnt hot enough…so the assistant got out her lighter and they started using that to heat this drying pin of doom. I felt like I was in some period drama, or that the dentist was more used to constructing Frankenstein monsters than keeping up with modern practises. She was surprised when I said no one had ever done that to me before…the amazing thing is that it wasnt even cheap (around $600!)


I now have  vintage style root canal retro tooth to go with my love of vintage 8 bit gaming

This week I have also been making my game some more:

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