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The post is on time…

July 25, 2012
I have a lot to write about, but I am simply too busy to write any of it.
Simply put, I just can’t seem to finish this game no matter what I try…
As the seconds rolled into minutes, those fractions of time were bundled up as hours and laid out in a long line that was considered to make up something called a day. A tall man with a cane would often flick the days in such a way that they would become small piles that he would then refer to as weeks, his barely concealed contempt for the notion that time should have any kind of structure only visible to the most acute of onlookers. The driver of the rusty hydropowered forklift, disappointed with the mess would then feel obligated to move these piles in to the corner of the warehouse where they would be arranged as months….we all watched, filled with a lumbering dread, worried for might come next.
That’s what developing nuclien feels like to me right now.
Localizing into french and resizing all the text, setting the last of the highscores, fixing 2 new bugs that appeared because of the last menu restructure, making the website, creating the trailer…
Anyway, back to it! my next post will be filled with glee, I promise…and hopefully it won’t be very long away.

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  1. Melody permalink

    Have to get down to work! Looking forward to seeing it out in the Apple Store soon.. Procrastinating yields no results >_<

    • haha, thanks, I always thought I loved working alone, some days though I just end up getting lazy kind of sit there…I am working, and typing it’s just not much is actually coming out! I must try and focus! 🙂

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