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July 30, 2012

I finished the soundtrack for Johnny Dynamite, It’s filled with Gameboys and the occasional bit of guitar feedback that was probably especially exciting for my neighbours here in Kallang. Some day I will make a game that will allow me to make the darkest and noisiest Chiptune Vs Guitar music that has ever been heard this side of the Kallang river, but for now this will have to do:

Hear it at BandCamp

I also created a weird piece of music for a flash game called Sorcerer’s Keep…I was aksed to do something that sounded like those really empty soundtracks from NES / Master System era RPG’s. This means the track is pretty minimal, and filled with some odd melodies that don’t quite work…if you sit down and listen to that kind of stuff for a while your brain starts to go into swirly weirdness…I’d say the last bit of the track is kind of worth staying around for.

Wild Sorcery can be found over at bandcamp:

So I was hoping the next thing I would release would be a game, not a soundtrack, but well at least it’s something right!?

Right now, Nuclien is hopefully making it’s way to peoples devices via the amazing testflight service, if you want to play it and have an iOS type thing, then leave a message or email me ( ) and I will add you to the test group. A extra bit of focus testing can’t be a bad thing at this stage after putting so much into making it!

As for the title of the post, MusyX was a piece of software developed by Factor5 for making music for Nintendo hardware..I remember when it rolled round to soundtrack time on the GBA I used to really hate using the thing but I had no choice…looking back I am sure it wasnt that bad…


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