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A cautionary tale of Apple and my $60

July 17, 2012

When the iPad came out I thought it was a bit silly, then I bought one now and I think it’s the most awesome and convenient computing thing I own…

So why am I so grumpy today, Steve jobs is famous for saying  things like “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” he believed in reducing choice, there is an iPad, and there is an iPhone, there aren’t sixty models trying to fight for your attention, do you want the one with the camera or the one with the extra battery life or…or…or….

This is why you can have an iPad 2 box that says “iPad” on it. Because there is only one available at any one time…or at least that’s how it used to be.

Today I went to buy an iPad3, because I want to test my games at that crazy high, mind blowing iPad3 screen resolution and make sure they run correctly.

So can you guess what happened next:

So the one on the left in that picture is an iPad2, while the one on the right is an iPad3, or is it the other way round? So the iPad 3 err I mean “the new iPad” as it is officially known, looks different to the consumer because errr…Anyway if it isn’t the iPad 3, and it’s actually just called an iPad then I guess it’s considered a prequel to the iPad2, so it’s kind of like the phantom menace…actually no wait because we already had an iPad, it’s just another one…a bit like the new spiderman movie, We already watched spidey become spidey, it was made by Sam Raimi, and now it’s at the cinema again but it’s a bit different looking…See:

Unlike the iPad, even the font is different…oh wait maybe they changed it because of they didn’t want to look like the original PS3 logo anymore…

Well Sony copied them, so maybe they should have returned the favour this time around and done this:

but then spiderman already had its revenge on videogames when it wholesale stole from EA’s mirrors edge right?

Back to the iPad, anyway yeah it’s totally different because at least the new Spiderman is now called “the Amazing Spiderman” so it’s like new and can be differentiated from products made in the past right?

Anyway, yeah the iPad – why do I want it again? Oh yeah because the iPad now has a higher resolution, but because they want an entry level model, or want to get rid of their old stock they are now selling (and have been for a long while) two products that just say iPad on the box, and look almost exactly the same…even looking at the hardware you can barely tell the difference…I’d say the different art and the 10 years between releases makes spiderman not quite as bad…

So I think you already know what happened, I walk into the store “I’d like a new iPad please” the guy shows me the box, he turns it over to show me the back…because that is the only place on the packaging where it says iPad or iPad2…see look:

That’s both “The New iPad 1” as in Marc Webb’s one not to be confused with Sam Raimi’s  original “iPad 1” with the iPad 2 next to it. The printed box says the exact same thing, but that little sticker with all that black text on it, says in a tiny little font “iPad” or “iPad2”. I can totally understand why when the guy opened it to show me, and I just checked again “it is the iPad 3 right?” he replied, “No lah!… I showed you the box…and look the screen is like a bit more blue on the iPad3 box to iPad2 one”. He’s right it is:

So the upshot is that he had opened it (as is customary in Singapore when buying electronics), and I didn’t want it, so after some talking I paid him $60 of my money to send it back to apple for “resealing”.

I really don’t blame the guy, like he said, “other than the screen resolution there is no difference, so why do you want the iPad 3?”. As the consumer, today I can fairly say I did not want the choice.

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  1. Wow. I never noticed that stuff with the Spiderman font. So…I don’t understand. You asked for the New iPad but they showed you a new iPad 2 instead and you had to pay for the privilege? That sucks.

    • well I think I asked for a New iPad (rather than an iPad 3)…and technically any ipad that is not preowned is a new iPad. They did have iPad3 (or the amazing iPad) in stock, so I don’t see why he wouldnt have tried to sell me one of those. Essentially I think everyone just got confused.

  2. Gavin permalink

    You know they probably take that into the stockroom & re-shrinkwrap it, right?

    • yeah probably….thing was they had my money already in their hands….so i was at a disadvantage…strictly speaking, they dont have a stock room as they ate so small…but no doubt someone in sim lim square does (imgine a huge market like envionment split across many floors, that only sells electronics throughout 200 or so little stores)

  3. Luigi permalink

    Hang on. He opened the wrong one and you had to pay $60? That’s harsh. If that transaction had happened in Italy, my aunt would (who is the best haggler in the world) have dropped down dead from laughing at the shop keeper asking for the money.

    On a side note – aren’t the iPads simply called ‘iPad’, ‘iPad 2’ and ‘iPad 3’?

    On another side note – the reason Spiderman has the PS font is because the movie is made by Sony who own the rights to make Spidey films through a very tight contract with Marvel (or Disney who now own marvel).

  4. yeah, it was weird, I feel kind of stupid, but they had my money already in their hand…and he was trying to just make me take the item…shopping here is a bit more rough and ready than the UK…trading standards? bah – humbug!

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