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Game Number 2

May 16, 2012

So I hope that Apple updated my 24 hour sales report quite quickly after the game went live…because, well the first day’s sales aren’t that exciting (I am assuming a day starts and ends at a specific time, and if your game goes live 1 hour before the end of that day you only get data for that one hour).

Current Downloads of free app:

So am I rich? well,  current sales stand at 1 megapack ($1.30 in the bank for me!!!! the Cristal is on me tonight)

Even though I dream of grand successes and buying myself a villa on the moon, I am kind of realistic and expect my game to max out at something like 300 sales. It is game number one after all. I will post an updated sales sheet next week…but I am still desperate to see my first real 24 hours of downloads…even though I am not overly optimistic.

So….introducing Game number 2:

Here is my press release just for you blog readers:

“Hot off the heels of Springloaded’s top selling, one time purchased from the USA game Hiragana Pixel party comes “Nuclien” (potential name final name still T.B.C.)

  • Are you fast tap?
  • Can tap fasty fast you?
  • No think period seconds fast!
  • Counting skill are plenty in requirement!!

Or something like that.

Here is a really exciting video of me talking about it in my bedroom…


Unrelated to games:

This week I moved house, I moved from a palatial 3 bedroom condo all to myself, to a not quite so palatial condo that I share with two other folks. I thought I should be more careful seeing as I have no money at all coming in, and probably need every cent I have for bare essentials.

My room is the smallest, (yes for the first time since I was 16 I have a single bed – I feel like I am regressing into childhood!) and it is overflowing with my crap. I never realised quite how much shit I had accumulated over the previous 4 years…so with great pain I started giving away things on the internet, selling games to game shops and filling my garbage chute with clothes (and before you say anything, I have no idea where a clothing bank is in Singapore which is why I didn’t use one…and I do love the idea of seeing an army of homeless people wearing my Melvins and Guitar Wolf shirts…anyway back to the off-topic topic).

So yes I sold 60 or so games for around $5 each, these were distributed amongst friends and two trips to the local game store. But next came the CD’s unlike Videogames, CD’s have little to no value used (DVD’s fall in there too I think). I also didn’t want to sell my CD’s, but I realised that I simply cannot have them taking up space anymore. To many my solution is obvious and poses no real issue, but to me it’s quite the opposite. I have collected records (well mainly CD’s, but it started with records) since the age of about 10. In the UK my collection is fairly vast, and I have all kinds of crap, for example Frank Black’s “The Cult Of Ray” sits in my collection not once, but 7 times. (UK double CD Ltd Edition, UK promo CD, US single CD, US Promo, UK single CD,  UK Reissue, US CDR promo). That isn’t that unusual, I have many such examples in my collection, and am quite precious about keeping the stickers on the cases, or sliding digi-packs back into the polythene wrapper that they came in after carefully playing them once. So it was with massive personal sorrow that I did the following:

My CD’s now reside in a god forsaken wallet*… think that is still only a third of my SIngapore record collection, which ,eans I still have a lot of CD’s that I need to figure out what to do with sooner rather than later…Its funny I do care, but not as much as I thought I would, there are more pressing matters around me at the moment…and this event might have finally made me start buying digital instead of boxed…which is good for the planet I guess.

* My CD’s except for The Feeling’s second album (pictured) , which went in to the garbage where it belonged.

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  1. Jake permalink

    I wouldn’t expect big sales numbers if you’re not treating this like a business. (And no disrespect is meant by that.)

    Have you written a press release about your game and put it on any of the free press release sites? Have you been to any language learning forums to talk about your program? Have you tried to book yourself as a guest on some related podcast? Does your app even have a dedicated landing page to send the press or interested buyers to? (The iTunes page doesn’t count.)

    In the publishing world and music world it used to be that you could depend on the publisher or record company to help you push the product. These days, they expect you to do it through touring, social media, etc.

    Same applies to most apps. Discoverability in iTunes is difficult. To find an audience, you’ve got to go on a PR tour of sorts and be singing the benefits of this app from the rooftops. The success of your app, in large part, will be based on the amount of work you put in after the app is created.

    I know money is restricted. (By the way, the moment I digitized all my CDs is the day moving became less of a chore. I used to think I would only buy CDs. Now less than 1% of my music purchases are on CD.) But there are plenty of free things you can do to get the word out.

    • Don’t worry, no disrespect taken, I really have no idea what I am doing here. I am just trying to make games, and am quickly realising that simply isnt enough. I guessed that the coverage on IGN and stuff meant the ball was rolling, but it really hasn’t made a dent in sales…I have started hitting up sites for reviews, but no I haven’t got a press release (I don’t even know what a free press release website is or does!?), I have no specific page on my website, and am not doing various other things that I probably should be!
      Thanks for the advice….any more thoughts or advice you have would be greatly appreciated! I think I will put on a pot of coffee and bust out some quality time with dreamweaver and MS Word rather than messing around with the results screen in Game 2…
      I have always really sucked when it comes to doing things like this…thanks for the kick up the ass! 🙂

    • Hi Stanislav, nice to meet you, I am super pleased you had a go at the game and have come here to suggest your ideas!

      1 – that is indeed a cool idea, if I make the “super-mega-monster-ultra-update” that I have been planning, this would be a really cool way to lay out the missions (I was thinking of something else, but I like this suggestion better!)

      2 – yeah, that would be cool…not sure how to technically do it though without making some kind of crazy animation system…but yes I agree that would make it a bit more useful.

      3 – the affore mentioned monster mega super death kill update would feature Kanji, although there are thousands of them, so I am not sure that thecurrent game is the best way to learn a list that long. I was thinking of trying to get the 100 most used, so it would be numbers and stuff like that.

      4 – my friend Zach was all over writing for boss battles, and I think that is an epic idea, gesture recognistion is a bitch though, so I am not so sure about that.

      So it might take a few months, but I’d love to get suggestions 1 and 3 in there, 2 I might be able to do but I havent thought it through yet (I am thinking perhaps a srolling blob that traces the letter in the order you areto draw it, but that sounds very time consuming to make)…and yes, I would make it free for previous purchasers.

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      • Stanislav permalink

        For the second suggestion it’s not necessary, in my opinion, to put it in the gameplay, you can add that under “extra” section (since it’s the game is not oriented only to those who want to learn kana but also to those who love rhythm games) when every 12 levels are completed and writing of new letteres that player discovered will pop up! (sorry for my English :S I hope you can understand).

  2. Stanislav permalink

    I will write you down here few suggestions for future updates (I hope they will be free for those who bought your game first :D):

    1) Would be great if you add a section where to choose only one specific category of exercises to practice on unlocked levels
    2) It would be nice to have an animated hiragana & katakana gallery (so the player can understand how to write kana correctly)
    3) It would be nice if you can add kanji someday
    4) Writing exercises would be nice, too

    So, that’s what I thought. First 2 will not cost you a big effort, I suppose 🙂

    • no worrie – I understand! if I do it in one place I’d do it everywhere…the question for me is what is the easiest way to do it! 🙂

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