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Release day!!!

May 15, 2012

1:34 am: Your app status is in review…

3:39 am: Your app status is Processing for App Store…

3:42 am: Your app status is Ready for Sale…!!!

Isn’t it funny, you don’t hear anything for a whole week, then you get three emails in 2 hours telling you about the smallest detail…(well I would have also liked updates about when testers were on cigarette breaks / lunch etc.)

I am amazed how fast it goes through once they start looking at it, or I wonder whether the emails are actually accurate…Anyway I think submission would be a lot more fun if they shared a bit more info…they solved waiting in Supermarkets and Job centres in the 70’s with these:

So I want this:

I am kind of joking but not really, you could even have a little minigame on there where you and your friends try and guess how many days you will wait, or what number in the queue you will be at a certain time on a certain day…the closest gets a free beer from all the others or something like that…I know I know, making games is a business, not an excuse to have fun, making games is hard work, you don’t just sit around playing games all day etc. I guess constantly thinking about how anything could be a bit less dull is probably why I am a games designer.

Anyway stop reading this and go and download it now!!!

Hiragana Pixel Party in iTunes

I wanted to send out free promo codes to press, but there is a problem I didn’t foresee, apple don’t give out codes for in app purchases, just for games. So any poor reviewer who is looking at my game has to actually buy the content (at $2) to play the entire game…I am a bit annoyed about this as I think it really impacts how much fun the game is when there are only two songs. If you are a reviewer, I will send you $2 with paypal! (maybe $2.50 to get round there charges).

So games need updates, and this one is no exception…I won’t be working on it for a little while, but at some point the bonus round will appear. In these rounds Japanese words are screamed at you and you then need to spell them. If you spell it right you get told what the word means, if you fail you die…this is a small part of a huge update I would love to do, but whether I can do any of these updates depends entirely on how popular the game becomes. Seeing as my time might be better spent working on Game number 2 (or 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1000000)…. There are also a couple of small adjustments I would like to make, including making one of the songs easier (you’ll know which one it is when you play it!) I actually balanced the song differently to the others, but when it gets frantic I’d rather it stayed within a few characters rather than speedily throwing five different ones out at you and blowing your mind.

So what about Game 2….well I need to go get some lunch now, but today or tomorrow I’ll stick a video up and explain what it’s all about.

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  1. Android version? Please make one! 😮 I’ll buy it!

    • It is something I would love to do…essentially once I have any app that is successful enough to warrant a port, then all my games will get portaed across! I hope it happens sooner rather than later, as I think the Android is a great platform (although I have a windows phone myself!).

      • Personally I’d love to see your app on the Android marketplace and I would love to review it when that happens! If you even wanted to try porting it over, I have a few devices I can beta it on for you as well!

      • OK, the offer of testing is greatly appreciated! if / when I get around to the Android version I will be sure to send you a build 🙂


      • If/when that happens, I’ll be sure to review it! 😉

  2. Awesome 😀

  3. Awesome news 😀

  4. Zgoldenlion permalink

    Congratulations! I’ve been looking forward to this and great job on the music.

  5. Richard permalink

    Good news about your release. I have it now but haven’t bought a pack yet!

    I have a contact list of over 100 iOS and Android reviewers, sites, blogs, etc. would you like a copy?

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