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Springloaded Corporate Entity

October 4, 2014

So what’s it like running a company? Pretty horrible, and pretty amazing all at the same time, on the horrible front, the dreaded burn rate comes to mind, How much does the company need to continue paying everyone, right now we need to generate about $1000 a day to break even on staff salaries. Which is pretty hard seeing as we only have one game out there shifting units, thanks go to Kongregate as they are helping us push the game all over the place, but we are seeing the game in decline overall, so we need something new and exciting!

My somewhat crazy approach to all this is to try and build as many revenue streams as possible, and hope that something surprises us along the way! Which is part of why everything is so much fun, we are currently developing six games! And a lot of those are multiplatform…which makes things even crazier!

It just means we have lot’s of new and exciting challenges every day, whether it be working out how to make a 3D banner icon for 3DS, or working through the horrors of server client coding for mobile, there is never a shortage of interesting challenges around.

Obviously some people say I should focus on one thing, but if I do that and that one thing fails, then we are over, so by taking this approach we struggle a lot now, and hopefully find some kind of stability in the near future! I don’t deny that trying to manage so many projects / people is a daunting task especially when I still have my own code to write, oh and I also teach on Thursday nights! So I am a bit crushed by it all right now, but we will hopefully see things cool down by the end of January…(which is also when I think we run out of money, unless one of those new revenue streams kicks in!)

I must say I hate thinking about money, or company stuff, I just want to make games, that’s what I am good at, but I have to spend precious time doing things that aren’t that, like working through tax issues, getting localization or arranging staff parties! Thankfully I sometimes delegate this stuff to other people, and what makes this easier is that now one of our 11 people is a one day a week magi-queen of filling in forms and helping manage our corporate affairs! I wish she had started months ago, but after only 2 weeks she has already done great stuff like apply for a new office and set up digital staff levy payment.

OK so we are making all these games, what are they!

1 – Space Lift – 3DS / PSVita: we are about finished with Space Lift Danger Panic on the 3DS, which means we will start the Vita version some time next week (providing the GPP gets approved by Sony)

2 – Warmachines iOS / Android / Web: we still don’t have a final name for this game, but it’s our huge mobile game that makes Tiny Dice Dungeon seem like a small and simple project! It’s finally reaching a stage where it’s playable as we are throwing everything we have at this thing!! I must say the art work Cindy has done is fucking magnificent.

3 – Hiragana Pixel Party – Xbox One / PS4 / PSVita / Steam / 3DS / Wii-U: this pur test run game, we will launch it on everything, and learn about the process of releasing a game on all these different platforms, and see how things turn out. Once out, we will start making something a lot bigger for consoles, we have it running on everything except Playstation right now, but we are only waiting for a software license from Sony, and once we get that everything should be pretty easy. We are also doing a kickstarter for this, which has been a pretty interesting and not to great an experience so far!

4 – Tiny Dice Dungeon Web / iOS / Android, obviously we continue to poke away at this game, adding new monsters and stuff, I feel like I could have done o much better with the deign and flow of this game, I really hope one day we get to revisit it for a sequel!

5 – SG50: Ios/Android, I am not sure if I am allowed to talk about this, but we are making a prototype of a game for the government! It’s hopefully going to be a super fun pixel art adventure set around Singapore, to celebrate the Singapore’s 50th birthday. The way it works is that we get some money to help develop the prototype for the end of January, and if it’s gopd enough we get selected to make the game in to a full project and release it at the end of July, it’s a lot of work, and unbelievably, I am actually pretty excited about doing it! Obviously working on something like this is pretty weird for us…as it sounds super corporate, but rest assured, our game will be pretty far from what other people might expect.

6 – Atomic Test Pilot: 3DS / Vita, I am the only one working on this right now, as I am just tidying up the PC code to make it have more content and work on two screens…but we should start production in a week or so, and I am targeting a 4 week turn around to submitting to Nintendo, we might actually make Nuclien instead first…we will decide next week I guess!

So there you have it, and insane volume of work, for such a small company, it goes without saying that to achieve all this everyone has to be exceptional in their roles, and I ave to do some super-ultra-project management. Right now we are drifting behind on a lot of our milestones, so I need to try and get us back on track….anyway wish us luck!

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  1. Jackson Tall permalink

    Hello, with how many games you’ve got going, don’t make them crap. 🙂

  2. James Boulton permalink

    I know what you’re going through, good luck to you old chap and keep plugging away at it! I commend your fighting spirit. 🙂

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