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May 8, 2013

I haven’t been writing so often lately, that isn’t because nothing is happening, in fact quite the contrary. I am just too busy, which can only be a good thing!

So last time I was writing about how I needed to become faster at making stuff. Well it has started, here is the proof:HPPV


So there are still frame rate issues, but this came about due to a new “Springloaded” employee, his name is Chiny Kian, and he is Springloaded’s resident PSM developer.  He has been hard at work adding bits and pieces to the monogame build that my friend at TwoFiveSix in the UK has already had a hand in, turning it in to something that nearly does everything we need it to! Hiragana Pixel Party was always going to be the hardest, and it’s 95% done, I just need to optimise the frame rate a bit more due to some lazy code on my behalf. After that he will be diving into getting additive blending to work so Nuclien will also be complete.

Space Lift Danger Panic! Was submitted to Sony last week, let’s hope it goes through…(although I realise I wrote “Playstation Mobile” in the games text and not “Playstation Mobile ®” which according to their TRC’s means I will fail – but maybe I will get lucky)

I am off to Casual Connect Asia next week, if you are coming along you can come to my little table and play some games (including a very early demo build of “Tiny Dice Dungeon” if you are lucky!).

I have never exhibited before at an industry event, so I hope I don’t do something unbelievably stupid, but it does mean I have finally sent some business cards off to the printers, and even some other stuff like this postcard:


The business card was quite a weird one, first I put my job title down as “intergalactic corporate commanding director of videogames” then I changed it to about 100 other things, before settling on the bland and predictable “Game developer”. Seeing as I hope to meet some people that might help me out, I’d rather not put them off with my stupid humour. Even though it entertains the hell out of me, I suspect some people might assume I don’t take things very seriously from reading that.

I also considered the role of “Founder” and saw other people in similar positions write things like “Director”, “CEO” or something equally fanfaresque, but for me it just seems wrong, While maybe I am technically the founder, it seems premature to go around shouting about it…

Space Lift Danger Panic is also finally out on your Windows Phone! Download it – it’s cheap as free….

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