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Tiny Dice Dungeon

March 16, 2013

I haven’t posted in a while, since I have been really busy working on a million things at once.

Tiny Dice Dungeon is coming on pretty well. I have been working on it for just over a month now, and I decided to focus on the first five minutes, which means doing the tutorial. Tutorials are a really painful thing as they reach into all kinds of areas of game code. It can all end up kind of messy.

but it’s looking pretty good, maybe next week I will be able to stick up my prototype video from the end of my 4 days of intensive working on it, and a comparison to what I have now.

The interesting thing is that I am trying to do something fun with it that maybe will convert into a marketing thing. Over on Facebook there is a “Tiny Dice Dungeon” page, and I am taking suggestions for monsters. People describe things, and then I draw them and put them in the game, along with the persons name in a kind of monster imagineers list…its cool its fun for me to see people ideas and try and draw them, hopefully its fun for people to see me draw their weird stuff. Take a look at the examples below (click them to read the descriptions)




This game is slowly getting quite big…I wanted to make something small that would be complete in 4 days. Turns out I am an idiot for thinking I could do this in that time. Actually maybe I could have made the original idea in four days, but I think it would be a shame not to do all the cool extra stuff I want to do.

Also – I resubmitted Space Lift Danger Panic for windows phone 7, seeing as it failed on an audio issue…but I can’t see what would stop it this time.

My friend Florian left the country for new pastures yesterday, which kind of made me sad. I hope he has a good time in Canada, for anyone who has never lived away from their home country, its a situation all us “ex pats” have to get used to, you end up making friends with other expats, not that you intend to, it just ends up that way. Then they all have to leave the country at one time or another.


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