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Nuclien Rush

March 16, 2013

So I actually 95% finished nuclien rush, but my iOS-stress meant I didnt ever upload it…A few weeks ago I got a mail from apple saying I needed to upload it, or they would remove the listing. So I got it up and running this weekend (kind of) and realised it wasn’t really the best game in the world, if I was making it again now from scratch I would do some things differently…this left me with a choice release it as it was, or go back and give it some care and attention later…I opted for the later. Even though I had built the store listing, microtransactions, achievements and highscores I decided I should redo that work once I went back to the game later.

Today I got this email…I had missed one important point – the fact that now I can never upload a game with that name again! crazy hey! it brings up an interesting dilemma, If I say publicly announce a game (like mini space war) I feel the prudent thing to do is go and register it so no one else can be an ass and take the name of my game…turns out that is a bad idea if your game is going to take any long amount of time to develop. I am OK with this, however if it happened with space war, or dice dungeon, I’d be really pissed off. Still it drives people to finish things i guess! (I am also thinking if I wrote to apple nicely I am sure they would reinstate the listing for me – it was just a bit of an unexpected twist on top of the de-listing)


Dear JE Barnard,You did not upload a binary for your app, Nuclien Rush, during the 180-day grace period. As a result, the app has been deleted from iTunes Connect.

This app cannot be restored, nor can you use the App Name or SKU for any other app under your account in the future.

App Name: Nuclien Rush
App Version Number: 1.0

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