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March 16, 2013


Springloaded make games for iOS / Playstation Vita / Android / Windows Phone / PC and whatever else appears in future.

I have been making games for around 15 years, having worked on over 30 shipped console games, the majority of which have been on handheld Nintendo platforms.

My career so far has placed me primarily in the role of producer and lead designer. Having worked externally on projects with EA, Sega, Namco, Atari, Midway and more I have been exposed to many different working styles and understand the importance of getting things done.

6 years ago I moved from the UK to Singapore to take up a position at Lucasarts. While at Lucasarts I becoming an expert with Unreal Development kit, and worked as lead designer on several large scale projects.

In 2012, I left Lucasarts to pursue Indie game development. Having a skill set that includes programming, music composition, and art makes solo game development perfect for me. I think of the miusic and the art throughout the design process allowing me to make what hopefully feels like super-cohesive game experiences.

Right now I make games in whatever genre I feel offers the most interesting opportunities rather than being tied to one area. One of my goals is to eventually make something that conveys emotion, and hopefully has an important message for those who play it.

Towards the end of 2012 I obtained 2 positions to keep myself off the breadline, I am now working as the creative director at a small studio focused on serious games, and teaching game design at the Digipen Institute Of Technology. While it keeps my bank from eternal emptiness, it also means I don’t make as many games as I could.

Using monogame and a few extra bits and pieces I have framework that allows me to release my games on several platforms: iOS, Android, Playstation Mobile, and WP7, and I am hoping to expand that list to include Ouya, Windows and Windows Phone 8.

I can be contacted via

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