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Two out of three aint bad

February 28, 2013

I think that’s the title of a Meatloaf song.

But yes 2 out of 3 months into my stupid self professed mission to submit 10 new things.

if you remember last months round up it stood at 9, but really 6, because you can’t really count Amazon (because its just one line of code different)…

So what’s new!?

  • iPhone
    Zero things – I ported Heart Beaten, but I couldnt get the UI View to open (still) so I did nothing….
  • Google Play
    Heart Beaten 1.1 (with a new progression system)
    Nuclien 1.0
    Space Lift Danger Panic! 1.0
    Space Lift Danger Panic Pro (no adverts)
  • Amazon
    Heart Beaten 1.1…again
    Nuclien 1.0
    Space Lift Danger Panic! 1.0
    Space Lift Danger Panic Pro (no adverts)
  • Playstation Mobile
    Zero things 😦 their tools are driving me crazy…I have actually regressed on this platform.
  • Windows Phone 7
    We have a new entry on the platforms! this week saw me submitting Space Lift Danger Panic! with advertising support to Microsoft!

Even though that’s another 9 , I think it’s fair to put it at 4 (dismissing the Amazon stuff and the “pro” versions of Space Lift Danger Panic….)

So technically I hit my target of 10 submissions already, ahead of time and all that stuff….but it’s really a big old cheat, because there is so little new stuff on there.  in fact while last month saw two whole new games unleashed into the wild, this month saw nothing but ports and one decent update (to Heart Beaten) So next month I need to get my shit in gear…because the one year anniversary is just around the corner, and I need to get some more titles under my belt between now and then.

In food related news, I ate Kiwi Berries this week, they are kind of like Grape sized Kiwi’s with no fur and slightly fleshier skin…were they good…I guess they were easier to eat, a bit like seedless grapes. But that said I think a lot of the texture that makes a kiwi interesting (the crunchy seeds, fibrous core etc) was missing…so I’d say stick with real kiwis, unless you are lazy, or don’t want to make a mess with having to eat something in more than one bite.




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