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Cheap as free….

February 24, 2013

So what is the outcome of dropping the price to free this weekend on Nuclien?

Remember the goal was to try and impact Android download figures by bringing awareness to the interwebs…

iOS wise Nuclien managed to get to number 19 in puzzle games in the US, and 136 in all apps in the US.

In Kenya we it got to number 5/56 overall, where it stayed for a while, which took 5 whole downlads to achieve!

all in all I got 20, 191 downloads across the world! hurrah.

Here it is at 147 in all apps…primed to overtak Temple Run!


Yesterday I put the app up to $2 finaly removing the “half price launch sale” text from the start of the listing! and I earned $8 which is a quite a bit more than I have been getting from it over the last months. I think the most I ever made from it was $3 one day…

Anyway. Android – I emailed a few sites, but no one featured it (so far) The only place I found a direct impact was on facebook where “I love smart women” with the 3000 likes shared the iOS version then the Android one…

What does this mean? well I have 27 downloads / 22 Active user installations…making it my thrid most downloaded game on the service! go go go Android! we are at 70 active installations now…maybe if we all hold our hands together and wish real real hard we’ll make 100.

This week I should release it (and some other games) on Windows Phone 7….let’s see how that does! Oddly I read that the blackberry is actually the most profitable OS after iOS….

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