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Vegetarian Food-Danger Panic!

February 20, 2013


This weekend saw the release of “Space Lift Danger Panic!” on the Android, and to not break with tradition I have had my worst Android launch yet (each game get’s progressively less downloads than the last). There is a paid version too at $.99 which currently has no sales (I didnt want to be my only customer)

AndroidAmazon is much the same…


So how much money does that equate to!?

AdMobSo Android is killing me right now, I simply don’t understand it at all. When the numbers are that low, it isnt because the games are bad, it’s simply because no one knows about them…not enough people have played them to even know if they are bad or good.

Tomorrow (probably) I plan to release Nuclien on the Android and see what happens, but from looking at this it will probably be a similar story. I now understand why Android comes second place in peoples development priorities…I always thought developers were being idiots by ignoring a potentially bigger market, but it seems unlike iOS there is no middle ground there is either “big hit game” or “nobody will play your game ever” type games.  All in all a pile of piss.

Obviously next up is Hiragana Pixel Party. however I have a file loading issue that I can’t for the life of me solve….which is going to hold it up for a while (I need a fixer buddy to look at it for me)…


I am feeling pretty good though, I think Dice Dungeon and Space War have the potential to do really well, they will be up there with HPP and Nuclien, but hopefully a bit more commercial….even if they arent, the other things I am starting to think about have even more chance of commercial victory….I feel like I am selling out piece by piece! but the games I plan to get onto still have a indie soul so I wont feel ashamed, and I will be damned if I am going to go the microtransaction grind route with any of my games…It makes sense for a game like Mini Space War to do it, but I can’t bring myself to take advantage of people like that. If I ever do create a “hit” I need to sure I can sleep at night….


My 2 days a week vegetarian Febuary is in full swing, and it isnt going so badly. However the vegetarian luncheon meat I bought the other day ranks up there as one of the shittiest products I have ever put in my mouth (yes worse that the fish sperm)…

Note the pictures doesnt look as bright as the actually product packaging with is luminous pink, and incredibly unappetizing.


No use by date!

LM002I opted for frying it:

LM003So the verdict? well it tasted of five spice seasoning, which is a flavour I have never really understood…it was like a sponge filled with hot oil…and even with that much chilli on top (as seen in the wrap image) I still couldnt figure out what to like….

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  1. Melody permalink

    Do you still make games for Windows phones? I think it would be a great idea , especially since there still aren’t many quality games /its still not as saturated in the Windows Store yet, you could try to make a headstart there instead of Android? the new Nokia Lumia 920 running wp8 is rather an awesome OS..

  2. I keep on trying to get one of the devices, they never have the fancy one in stock at Singtel….its on my to do list soon! although I am terrified of upgrading to Windows 8 and losing everything (which might mean I invest in a new laptop to avoid the fear!)…I have been trying to get my games working on WP7 with adverts, however my phone being broken makes it hard to test! I did love the WP7 OS…and WP8 looks great too,

    • Melody permalink

      Get the wp8 phone! It is pretty awesome! I got myself a lumia 920 recently and just love the OS. Laptop-wise though, im not sure win8 wld be a good choice without a touchscreen. Perhaps get a microsoft surface pro? That looks pretty tempting..

  3. The MS surface pro looks epic. the idea of programming on a tablet jsut sounds too good to be true!

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