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February 6, 2013

PSMAs I mentioned the other day, “Space Lift Danger Panic!” finally got to Sony, for Vita / PSM. I hoped it would pass, because uploading it was beyond painful. It seems to get the thing up to their servers I needed an unbelievably fast internet connection (which the university seemed to have, however sadly that is a different university to the one in which I work!)…note I said I hoped it would pass…well it didn’t…it failed because it had a 19 second load time! (thing is I am hardly loading anything – grrrr)

So what’s the progress been – 1 month in to my battle against productivity and what have I submitted:

  • iPhone
    Atomic Test Pilot V1, and V1.1
  • Google Play
    Atomic Test Pilot 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
    Heart Beaten V1.0
  • Amazon
    Atomic Test Pilot 1.0. 1.1
    Heart Beaten V1.0
  • Playstation Mobile
    Space Lift Danger Panic (FAILED !)

so that is technically 10 submissions! It feels like cheating though because the amazon and google play builds are pretty much the same.

Heart Beaten – as you face book folks may have noticed – my Game Jam game is out now on Android! get it now-ser

I totally dug doing the game jam, so much so that this wekend (Chinese new year) may well give me the opportunity to do another one, albeit alone. I will put all my stuff on hold and just start something new..Mini Space War is so God Damned HUUUUUUGE (ie not mini at all) that I am getting disheartened about finishing it. Iremember around 8 months ago when I started this crazy adventure talking to my friend Ben, “How many games can yo make in a year” – “12” which was revised to “9 or 10” a little while later. Well I am well over half way, and I only have 5 out in the wild, so yeah that pisses me off. Only two of them really have much financial potential…So I am still thinking about this wekends challenge, the game jam puts you under a lot of pressure, because you will look a dick if you dont finish anything. Without that pressure how will I do? Who knows…They also give you a theme which makes you focus in on something a bit quicker.

I guess my themes would be as follows:

1 – Simple as hell to make…
2 – has an addictive moment to moment game play feature…3 – Has an addictive day to day progression / unlock system….
4 – supports long play sessions (because of advertising – yeaaaaahhhh!)
5 – is cool as hell
6 – will change the world for the better

Well even ignoring number 6, that is a faily impossible mission….CNY is 4 days long, but I hope to make something I can complete in two…expect more pointless live blogging, because if I dont pretend someone is watching I’ll never finish it – false self inflicted pressure never did anyone any harm right!?

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