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Game Jam 2013

January 25, 2013

So it’s my brithday, but that isnt til Sunday, today I am at the global game jam, I have decided to try and make a game and get it out on Android before the end of the weekend, which means Saturday as I will be admned if I am going to be here on Sunday!

I can stay the night, but I feel very tired already from not having enough sleep recently….

so at 7PM, a gong sounded and they announced the “theme” which was the sound of a “heart beat”…I know I didnt have much time, so I went to get the free mcdonalds burgers while I came up with an idea….being a literal and unimaginative guy, I decided the game would be about literally beating a heart…beating it bloody. the game idea took 3 minutes, and I decided I should start with the title screen….

8:58PM, I have a logo and some characters. HeartBeat01

12:48 am:
So I feel a bit funny, but have lots of weird drinks to keep me company, vanilla coke, and singha version of redbull…the seven eleven at the university doesnt sell beer, which I find very dissppointing, if not wholey unexpected. I spent an hour on a splash screen, and now have the fist moments of a start screen. Its a bad way to make games, but essentially I picture the game from the first screen to the last in my mind, and I build it in that order. Kind of like writing a song, you wouldnt do the chorus before working out how the verse / bridge leads into it…actually you might…but anyway, with games you should prototype the fun bit first, as that’s the hardest to get right. However my main game idea is so simple there is very little to actually make. Here is a photo from a couple of hours ago…sadly Morris and Yoga (the two happy people that I knew before coming to this event) and their friends have all left. Which has made everything quite a bit duller…


2:30 am:

I went for a walk, saw an amazing sky:


Then I heard some drums, and found a group of people stood on a path playing really loudly, with a guy singing / shouting through a loud hailer (accompanied by some feedback)


After this I found the lift back to the game jam didnt work, so I went in the service stairs as directed…I got locked in for a while, and after ten minutes escapes and was let in by a student through a locked door….all in all that was a very sureal but fun 45 minutes.

6:08AM – Well I didnt fall asleep yet, I wrote a piece of music to change the pace, most people have fallen asleep, or been to sleep. those that havent are hardcore, however a few of the kids have started giggling at anything so I guess they are starting to annoy me. Anyway my game is still deep in menu code. But it has a piece of music that is suppossed to sound like love sounds. Maybe I should go to sleep huh? well I figure I am 20% done on the game so no…I don’t really have the time. Anyway Morris (one of the guys in the phot) is bringing me breakfast in an hour.

7:57, my inbox tells me I am now a nook developer. I am also aware that this menu I have been working on is taking far too long, so I have cut a load of corners and am hacking it.


Had some lunch, fixed some bugs, now I have exploding blood, it runs on Android….but it still isnt a game.

8:42, the game has a new name “heart beaten” I just finished the music…its all go…I also managed to submit my game to sony seeing as the inernet appears to be fast enough in this university to do it! hurrah!!!


I think I am starting to get tired….I guess I havent slept in 39 hours!

23:24 – now I am almost done, I fixed an issue with the sound and while I was waiting I fnsihed uploading the soundtrack to BandCamp: obviously this has bee a super rush…but I am pretty happy with the last two tracks. (the last one needs headphones, bad speakers will make it pointless)

10:00 am sunday

It’s my bnirthday! anyway I went to slpee at around 1AM, and now I am fixing the last bug and making a trailer before I go out for lunch…. The game jam was an excellent experience, I really didnt know what to expect, the good side is that you are totally lost in what you are doing because you don’t want to fail infront of 100 people. It’s fun to be around so may people doing the same thing as you, even if you don’t talk to them much…but most importantly it got me away from “mini space war” for long enough to almost finish another game. I have never made a game this fast, and am now wondering how I can go to more game jams that will help me focus this hard again. I met one nice guy who is doing some game jams (ludum dare) you make them at home on your own, but I suggested we get together and do it (not to work together but just to be with other people doing the same thing)

video is here!:

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