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AdMob and the Google PlayStore….

January 22, 2013

Atomic Test Pilot Update…

So AdMob, how’s it going:


So that is pretty good, I have made $0.12 in my first day. Looking at the investment of $900 on a phone, and $100 on mono (thanks to the educational discount!) my expenses of $1000 should be made back in around 10,000 days. (nearly 30 years).

I am in this for the long term you see…however I must consider the huge impact releasing another game will have…

2 games = 15 years…. 3 games = 10 years…etc. So If I release 1000 games I can make back my $1000 in 3 months…it’s easy…simple mathematics!

Obviously I am taking this with a pinch of salt, it’s still $0.12 more than I made with the game on iOS. I am also expecting that the figures might take a while to catch up with themselves (I am not sure it has appeared properly on google play yet) It will be interesting to see how this rises and falls over the next couple of weeks. The game also wasn’t developed with adverts in mind, I don’t expect it to have a long AUET (active user engagement time – I just made that up, but it sounds like I know marketing or something when I talk like that)…essentially a 30 second game isn’t going to get too many replays from most users. Hiragana Pixel Party and Nuclien are way more engaging though, so I can’t wait to get those up on the store.

Crazily I updated the game today to 1.1 while initially I was freaked out by Googles 100% lack of testing, I am very very happy with the fact that I can update games instantly.


The game was available on Saturday….by Sunday evening, my analytics first updated:

I seem to have my first day’s downloads, I don’t really know how google play works – is there a “what’s new” section like on iOS? or just the “What’s Hot – new releases” which I guess relates to what new things are getting higher than average downloads. whatever it is, so far the discoverability of my unadvertised app is not looking too hot. According to google I have 9 downloads in total…yes 9, not quite the multiple thousands that I had on iOS…this is somewhere in line with Windows Phone 7 sales figures (I never shared them did I)

Monday –
Today I got 3 more downloads, I also spent some time at the weekend listening to talks from Google, and reading up on the playstore in general. It seems there is no “what’s new” section, which means if you want to be found you need to advertise. They apparently consider a great many things when bringing your app to the forefront of the store:

  • How many people downloaded it
  • How many people still have it installed (yes they track that, and you can see it too!)
  • How popular the games name is on the internet (ie google results)
  • How many people clicked Google+ +1
  • The Apps rating
  • whether it appeared on iOS or other stores (this apparently score marks agianst your game)
  • Key Words

Yeah That’s about all I can remember, but considering more people have androids the iPhones, I assumed that a free game would get a mountain of downloads, turns out I was very wrong indeed.
More facts:

Time for a new game to get to the what’s hot section in iOS is three times less than on Google Play, the number of games cycled on the main page is substantially less, and the number of games shifting around in the top 30 is a lot less too. Because of the lack of exposure of new products, there is very little movement on the store from consumers trying new things. I think this is inflated by the fact that just searching the store blindly and downloading stuff might land you all kinds of terrible games because of the lack of quality control from Google. That said I personally love the fact that I am now on V1.2, that’s a new version every day since launch!

On the bright side:

That said with 13 downloads and earnings of $0.21, I think if people play your game, you can actually make a hell of a lot of money from advertising.


I also made a trailer to add to the listing, let’s see if it makes a difference:

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