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The Brave new World – Something for nothing

January 19, 2013


So Atomic Test pilot is all set to hit the Android…unlike iOS I have added something that can make me money…

In game advertising. I find this brings up an interesting question about the future of the world….people don’t like paying for anything anymore, we used to watch TV that advertised products to us from toilet bleach to CD’s to chocolate to videogames. As time goes on more of the things we are advertising are also free and they inturn plan to make money from advertising other things that are free. We will always need food and clothes, but eventually everything that you can own digitally will probably become free in some way…it feels like an internet bubble set to burst…

Publishing on google play is very different from iTunes.After signing the app (which is a very painful process on android, but takes 3 seconds on iOS) you upload it to the google store….then after ticking a few boxes you set it to “published” then it tells you the game will appear in the google play in around 4 hours. This means no one ever tests the thing. it just goes live straight away! I would actually feel a lot more comfortable if it was at least tested to make sure it runs.


After this I also found out that the amazon app store is totally different, people with Kindle tablets cannot access google play or any other store…which really sucks. So I registered with Amazon and went through the whole proceedure all over again, for the time being they are waiving the $99 sign up fee, and I should think so too take a look at the current state of development:

  • iOS $99
  • Playstation $99
  • XBLig / WP7 $99
  • Windows 8 $99
  • Amazon $99
  • Google $25
  • greenlight $100 per game
  • OUYA???
  • Smart TV???


Anyway, the net result is that providing it actually runs I have published my first game on Android!! hurrah !!! 🙂

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  1. How is progress on Hiragana Pixel Party for Android? I can’t wait for it to be released!

    • Well, I have this hugely annoying data import issue that I can’t quite solve right now. Saying it’s annoying is an understatement – I have zero idea how to make it work…once done, the whole game should work pretty much instantly! As you can tell I am busy with trying to figure out the android market right now, but hopefully it will be out soon!

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