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January 14, 2013

Pronounced like “Comicon” it’s “Veganicon”

Actually no I am just going to talk about Atomic test pilot’s Icon, and my searches for vegetarian food.

1 – Atomic test pilot was released this week, in pure metal form it hit the UK iTunes chart at number 666 (click the image to read the demon number for yourself):


So how did it do so average? well it did better than “Space Lift Daner Panic!” despite being a worse game, and not having any promotion…my guess is it’s down to icon-zzzz, those that are interested should take note of these stats:

Space Lift Danger Panic

  • Featured on App advice
  • had a vidoe made on youtube by someone playing the game
  • had a proper trailer
  • had paid advertising
  • had a few other mentions here and there
  • And this Icon:


  • Day 1 downloads:1148
  • Total Downloads to date: 2412 (over 3.5 months)

Atomic Test Pilot

  • no advertising, trailers or features….nada. I am not particularly proud of the game so I just wanted to release it quietly…
  • It has this icon:


  • Day 1 downloads:1581
  • Total Downloads to date: 2581 (over 6 days)

I guess it hasn’t done that much better, but the closeness means one of two things: Promotion and features do not do anything for your sales, or having a good icon is quite important. I have a new icon for Space Lift Danger Panic now, but it’s probably too late to save the day at this stage…(however android and Playstation Vita are coming soon – so who knows!)


While we are here (seeing as I just manged to log back in to app annie for the first time in a cantury)


  • Lifetime downloads: 728 (all paid)
  • In App purchases: 10 (yep in app purchases look like the future for paid apps from this data)
  • Refunds – 1 !

Hiragana Pixel Party

Sadly I cant get the complete figures for this, the first couple of months arent on the sheet, and as far as I remember there were a lot of downloads during that period. however since august:

  • 9619 downloads (free)
  • 802 sales – but note they are mostly at $1.99 (minus 30%)

Looking back over old posts, its hard to know really how many units I got through….but my guess is that can be multiplied by 1.5 – 2…so not so bad…but not great. my guess is I am sitting somewhere around the 20K download mark…20,000 is more people than I will probably ever meet in my life, so that’s good.

So on to the Vegan bit:

New years resolution – every Monday be a vegetarian. should be easy right? Well last week I had no cash, so needed to make use of an up market eating emporium that would accept my credit card I sat down in Nando’s, then remembered it was Monday. So stood up and sadly walked away. The Ramen shop told me all their soups were made with bones for stock…so I went upstairs and picked the hotpot place. I explained I wanted to eat a vegetarian meal, I then sat down and they filled my pot with lots of insanely spicy soup. Confused they asked what meat I wanted, none I said…which made me sad as I was paying extra for the meat I would be skipping….then I filled my bowl with lotus root, pumpkin and mushrooms before going back to the table to soup it up…the staff came over looking upset “sorry sir, our soups are all fish based” by this point I was already in there and eating, so I decided to go with it….Today should have been easy as I had cash, so I went up to the food court where a multitude of stalls are available, after walking around most of them I gave up. Here is a conversation from one:

  • Do you have anything vegetarian?
  • The helpful lady points to a picture on the menu and says “this is vegetarian”
  • but arent those fish balls?
  • No, they are pork.
  • Ah, sorry I said Vegetarian, you know, no meat….
  • Ah then this…
  • That is called seafood tom yum, I’d love to eat that but it has several different types of fish in the picture including a giant prawn looking up at me with his crunchy delicious face….I think he would class himself as meat, and so would I.

In the end I had pumpkin soup at soup spoon…so I found success, but it reminded me  of my favourite bread product over at the university the “Veganwich” which you would assume from its title contained no fish, meat or dairy,  well to start with they open up the bread and start squirting mayonaise all over it, last time I checked mayo contained egg as one of it’s only two ingredients. Which I think (but I could be wrong) comes from Chickens…in Singapore I think it would be very hard to be a vegetarian, and being a vegan would probably be virtually impossible.

This weeks game update / or new game submission:

There isnt one…which means I need to get my action in gear…and kick out the jams.

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  1. Serangoon rd for Indian vegetarian Or annalakshmi at peninsula. Chinese vegetarian everywhere….

  2. Melody permalink

    Why the sudden urge to be vegetarian? You cld try out veganburg, the vegetarian fast food that seems to be gaining popularity feom vegetarians. An upmarket (read: expensive) vegetarian restaurant which isnt bad is at dempsey called “beets modern vegetarian restaurant”.

    As for the up in sales, while its true that I do think that the icon (and screenshots) are impt (normally ppl look at graphics first, first impressions count!), possibly its just people who pay more attention to what you come out with now that you’re started releasing a few games..

    Good luck with your vegetarian Mondays! (Im a carnivore here!)

  3. I should give beets a try…there is a fancy one down the road from where I work too, it’s just not like the UK where vegetarian food is everywhere,
    As for why, well:
    1 – I have always wanted a pet pig, and I feel bad everythime I think about the pork I eat…
    2 – Err its good for the planet, and maybe my health…
    3 – I don’t want to become vegetarian, its just a pointless thing I can do so I can look at a cow and feel a bit less bad….if I couldnt eat spicy chicken every once in a while I think life would be a bit sadder…but then chickens almost don’t count right? actually I really do think that it’s more OK to eat animals that are bred for eating than wild ones (like fish)…its just a shame that pigs are soooo friendly. There is no wau my weekend can be vegetarian…

    And vegetarian curry? that’s a hard thing to get right isnt it? usually its some decent sause but with cauliflower and peas stired in…never feels right some how…dahl though, that’s a little lentil lot of goodnes I can’t turn down. God I am talking nonsense today.

  4. Gavin permalink

    Vegetarian curry hard to get right? South Indian is all veg & fish, they have some amazing food. Ate a superb Rava Onion Masala Dosa only today.

  5. wow what has happened to the UK! Dosa? next you’ll be teling me you can get prata, rotti and murtabak! I had never heard of Dosa before coming to Singapore. mm, maybe you are all right, I am selling Singapore short…I think it’s more the fact that you still have to go out of your way a bit to find it, and if you go to a lot of places they simply don’t understand. However the internet tells me that Singapore is in the top 11 most Vegetarian friendly cities in the world, so what do I know!

  6. Gavin permalink

    Well it’s more London than the UK in general. The Southern Indian places have been around in Tooting for decades. Rasa have been doing a high end equivalent in Stoke Newington & Charlotte St for years & years too. There’s a pretty decent roti roll place in Soho now.

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