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Winning 11

January 6, 2013

So, last year I said something like “I will release 10 games / updates in 11 weeks” I also said that this goal is probably impossible…

Anyway, I am already cheating because I am pretending this self inposed plan started on the first of January…but how’s it going?

tomorrow (monday) will see the launch of Atomic Test pilot (with a non glossy icon) hurrah! for a game that took a week to write it has been unbelievable heart ache to release the thing!!

Next week will be a bit more tricky…as a distraction tactic this is me dressed as an android:


well its a pretty crappy android, but my progress on Android has been pretty good, so I am targetting a submission to google play for next week…once I get html links working at least one of the games should be OK to submit…I will start small and go from there. My iOS engine is dead right now (still thanks to the iOS6 update) so I am looking for help on that before I can submit anything new to apple….

I went to Myanmar last week with Mihiro, I didnt turn on my laptop once….for 5 days it was the longest I have gone without doing any work since I started this adventure in indie development, it was epic to get away from work and kind of relax…over the last two days I started feeling stressed about having not one anything for a while…but that is to be expected! here is a picture of a monk taking a picture in a temple:


In other related news, it looks like Monogame is now being ported to the Ouya, so game # 7 which is planned to be a platform game might have another home.

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