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October 13, 2012

So game number’s 4 and 5 arent available yet, and I am already typing away at game number 6…

Atomic Test pilot is complete but has an engine related issue that I can’t fix on my own…so I am enlisting some help…After that

Nuclien Rush is about 80% complete except for the music and a bit of tidying up here and there…

The top rumour is that it takes 7 games to get a hit….so I am getting close to my dreams of having enough cash to buy a small island for turtles to live on in peace, and building a palace which I will use to build and test robotic samuri.

Game 6 is an RTS, well a super casual RTS, think about Command and conquer set in space with the screen overflowing with units….witha lot less complexity in thge controls than C+C which hopeully  means a lot more fun.


Here is a pair of fighters, the red one is yours, and the grey one is an evil enemy…down with the evil enemies…

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