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Space Lift Danger Panic! out now

September 30, 2012

It might take a while to appear in your store of choice, but here is the itunes link:!/id543508839?mt=8 for the china store.

Here is the mighty trailer:

my flat mate Dais did an amazing job with the voice over, however on an unrelated but sad note, he moves back to Tokyo tomorrow 😦

So the game is free! you might ask why? well I submitted it before nuclien came out and I intended for it to be the usual $0.99 however after Nuclien failed to really go too far I decided I should use a couple of games purely as promotional tools while I build up to my next really decent sized game. The idea being that once Space Lift, and Nuclien Rush have a decent installed user base I can use those games to better advertise Game number 6.

Once space lift was submitted to apple I decided to swap the price to free, even though the game hadent been dsigned with free in mind. There are two very small microtransactions in there, but I can’t imagine me getting much with them. I just hope the game can notch up a few thousand downloads…

With Space Lift also comes an update to Nuclien (a new time trial level) and an update for Hiragana Pixel Party (2 new songs).

I am currently hard at work on Nuclien Rush which is nearing it’s final stages of development (although I haven’t touched the sound yet – which will take a while) Then Atomic test pilot is also complete (bar a portrait / landscape bug) oh…and sound.

I am not sure what to do with atomic test pilot, I don’t think people will feel OK with the $0.99 price point I was planning because the game is so simple (even though I think it’s fine to have 10 minutes fun for a dollar, I know people these days don’t feel the same way), however it isnt really built for microtransactions either…so I could give it away with adverts, but adverts piss me off.

Anyway crazy strategies aside, my beard is huge today, and my shaver has no power left in it.

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