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September 19, 2012

It’s time to look at my figures…not my figure, no one wants to look at that.

So for those too lazy to read the text in the images:

Nuclien: 593 copies ($451.10)
Mega Pack 800 copies, which is ($1120)
Other Stuff: ($63.70)
5 months sallary = $1634.80, which means $326 a month…which means so far this hasnt been a very profitable excersise! (and explains why I am now working a pair of jobs to keep myself in pie and underpants money)

Obviously that is imagining all sales come from the US which they don’t – I have no idea how that currency fluctuates for different countries. pretty much all the Nuclien sales came from the Kotaku review (400 or so) withsales dive bombing after 3 days, to where I got 14 downloads today. A figure I expect will continue to decline until Nuclien Rush comes out ina couple of months. I also get paid in British pounds, which makes the number a lot lower. I should have registered in Vietnam or somewhere cooler, because as my friend Zach was saying, it’s like highscores in games, you want big numbers: $1634.80 in GBP =  1008 pounds and 69 pence, while those zero’s look cool, in Vietnamese dong it translates to ₫34118276.00 that soundds way damn cooler right!?

I am actually pretty happy, I am sure if just keep plugging away making stuff people like, the whole thing will eventually gain momentum. I am really proud of my games, and proud of the reviews they have on the app store. Nuclien got in the top 200 games chart for a while, and it looks like Hiragana Pixel Party got in the top 100 educational apps for a while too (and is still somehow in the top 200).

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