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4:37 am

September 12, 2012

It’s funny, sometimes I just can’t sleep, today I guess it is down to the Apple conference, the unbelievably positive review over at Kotaku for Nuclien, and the fact that I need to make a trailer for “Space Lift Danger Panic!”…and I apologise in advance, this trailer doesn’t have me shouting like a buffoon on it, no my flat mate Dais is doing it instead (it’s his head I blew up in the Nuclien trailer)

It’s really strange seeing your name on the internet like that “James Barnard” it sort of makes me feel weird. it’s the same feeling I get when I meet someone else called James and have to say “hello James”. Your name is so personal, so when you have to use it to address someone else it feels wrong, like you are sharing something very personal. I guess it’s the same feeling when you read your name on the internet, it’s your name, but out of context because you aren’t there with it. It isn’t a bad thing, in fact quite the opposite! It’s just odd.

I think it’s partially because my name is just so nondescript, it’s just a name like Peter Thompson, Paul Richards or Johnny Cheesecake…so perhaps it’s time to come up with that stage name I have been dreaming of since I first picked up a guitar…I just can’t think of a good one.

Click for the Kotaku Review

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  1. Melody permalink

    Nuclien IS a fantastically simple concept , made into a mindblowing insanely difficult game! (but in a good way!) lol..

  2. yeah, maybe too hard hey! V1.1 will be a bit easier 🙂

  3. James, as someone who found the game via Kotaku’s review (and as this posts topping the time trial and combined score leaderboards), I have to disagree with the comments regarding the difficulty. I think it ramps up nicely from world to world by introducing the concepts one at a time. My biggest gripe is that background colors (usually yellow) can sometimes obscure the numbers/shapes. As I neared the end, I found this more troublesome than the mechanics of the game. Still, I found nuclien quite enjoyable and look forward to more from you.

    • wow! that’s cool-I cant get anywhere close to the top of the leaderboards! The patch is with apple, I am really torn, on the one hand a lot of people tell me it’s too hard (like this: ) but on the other I made it that hard because it was fun for me to play. I am worried that the patch will piss off people (like you) who have put the time in enjoying it at the increased difficulty.

      Do you know which levels in particular were gard ti see? (you can dim the background in the options). currently only 10 people have made it to the final world – so you are among the top 2.5% of players!

  4. Dave permalink

    I bought Nuclein after reading the Kotaku review earlier today. I’ve been playing for the last 2.5 hours and just now came up for air. I really love this game: the challenge of it, its look, and its soundtrack. It runs smoothly and feels really well-polished; it didn’t lag or crash for me once. The last game that grabbed me like this was Collision Effect. (I think I must REALLY like tapping super fast on the touch screen!) I’d be disappointed to see the difficulty go down, but I understand that many might have trouble reacting quickly enough after the initial levels. Don’t know if this is more trouble or expense than it’s worth, but how about adding an easier difficulty setting while also keeping the current “classic” difficulty setting as an option? I’d be sad to see the current difficulty setting just disappear!

    I agree with the previous commenter that on a few levels–and I don’t know which ones–the background colors would interfere with my ability to quickly pick out some numbers, hampering me a bit. I didn’t realize there was an option to dim the background, so I’ll see if that helps.

    I wanted to mention that I thought the level names (and associated backgrounds for some levels) were an amusing addition. And I hope you get a kick out of this: the final round of Sentient Computer had me howling simultaneously with rage and laughter! After finally getting through all that binary, I totally locked up the first time I got to that final screen of it and FAILED. I was furious! But ultimately I forgave you. 🙂

    Thanks for giving me a fun few hours today. I’ll enjoy finishing up the game sometime soon.

    • OK, so it hasnt been sitting so well with me the idea that the difficulty should change…essentially it will mess up your high scores, and it will make the game a breeze…While I think most successful games on iOS are distractions rather than experiences I made a choice to make Nuclien hard, and I should stick by it! so you guys have twisted my arm, I clicked the mighty “reject” button on the rebalanced version of the game.apart from a couple of stages near the start the difficulty will remain as it is. AFter the update I will list those levels out so you an go back and grab a new highscore. (giving more time means more points, scores are calculated on two factors, time left at the end of each round multiplied by chain, and each button press has a score that is also multiplied by time)..

      with the computer level, I am extra pleased you got the joke! I thought it might just be too obscure for many.

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