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Spending Moniez

September 11, 2012

So, Nuclien hasn’t really sold yet, but I am investing in advertising (gasp)

Mihiro of Hiragana Pixel Party fame has been telling me I need some “catch copy” like a sentence to sum it up in a glance…

The best I came up with was…well take a look! (the black square is where the video goes)

I have to submit the advert in the next 24 hours…so if anyone has any better ideas let me know! – there is also a banner:

Phase 2 of Nuclien Promotion is still just getting started, the game is called “Nuclien Rush” and I hope it will only take me 2 – 3 weeks to get done, its mainly a reskin of the menu and a new game mode, with only a 10 levels, however all those levels are endless and have their own scoreboard.As a stretch goal I am thinking you unlock the levels by collecting knowledge (which is how Nuclien worked originally!)

When I submit it I will also rename Nuclien to Nuclien+ so it doesnt sound like less of a name than “Nuclien”.

I got a review, they said the game was too hard! and yes it probably is, so I just submitted V1.1 with some rebalancing, and a bonus level to promote…Space Lift Danger Panic! – which was accepted by Apple this morning, and will go out at the big price of “Free” ina couple of weeks.

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