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Nuclien + Hirgagana Pixel Party 1.2 are available now

August 30, 2012

Just to let you know, Nuclien is available now to buy now from the iTiunes store!!

here is the trailer incase you missed it:

and the iTunes store link:


and Hiragana pixel party has an update that has gone live too…..

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  1. Stanislav permalink

    I bought Nuclien to support you

  2. Stanislav permalink

    There’s a typo in hiragana’s game center achievement “get a rank 0f 3 on 120 missions”

  3. Stanislav permalink

    And I can’t read all description of “perfect player” Nuclien achievement in game center

  4. Super helpful! I fixed both, they might take a minute or so to update! I hope you are finding nuclien fun πŸ™‚ thanks for picking it up!

  5. Stanislav permalink

    I mailed you with some strange kind of bug

  6. hmm, that is crazy, I did a clean instal (which means I didnt have a save file) and the issue wasnt there….I can’t replicate it, let me know if it blows up on you! just so you know, v.1.3 is in development right now πŸ™‚ so if there are issues that show up I can fix them in that version.

  7. Stanislav permalink

    Actually it doesn’t create me any problem. I just updated the game, finished level 23 (new songs are cool) a couple of times and after that I noticed that thing. The only thing is that when I launch the game it shows me the last page like it was the last level played. And also it counts in my “earned points” lol

    And Nuclien is very very addictive! At first I thought that it was an annoying game but I continued to play and figured out that is very very addictive! But I think it can be short because I finished the first world and half of the second and I’m the first in the world (woohoo!) for now in all time trial levels πŸ™‚

    And there’s still that typo if you click “view achievements” in the main menu of hiragana pixel party. Oh, and Nuclien doesn’t support multitasking?

  8. the typeo might take a while to update…
    with your points being added, I think I know what it was – I found a bug where it was actually miscalculating the points (when you finished 100% of the game, it said you have 300 points out of 180 or something – I forget the real numbers) so I fixed it…however I guess that means bad things for the existing save file….it also might mean bad things if you complete the last level…but errr I have never managed that!!! I made the game so I could learn Japanese, then I got so damned busy making new games that I never got round to playing it! so I will carry on adding content for a long time, seeing as it’s really a game I made for my own enjoyment!
    You have been really helpful with the volume of feedback you have sent my way, I am in your debt!

  9. Stanislav permalink

    If you tap on “rate game” inside Nuclien menu you’ll find a broken link

  10. Stanislav permalink

    Now that I’ve updated to version 1.03 on iPod touch I noticed it has exactly the same bug

  11. the broken link? if so, then yes I guessed that was still in there (I had to get 1.3 submitted super fast!), it’s fixed for 1.4 which will go in to submission in a few days. V1.3 fixed a progression but that meant you couldnt skip the advert screen on G3 / iPod touch….I hope that that is fixed (pleeeaseee!!! seeing as I don’t have an iPhone 3 to test on it’s just guess work! – drives me crazy)…thanks for being so diligent πŸ™‚

  12. Stanislav permalink

    No, I’m sorry, I was speaking about the hiragana bug

  13. which one? the weird one you emailed me about?

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