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Nuclien – Are you fast Tap!?

August 16, 2012

Nuclien is out of my hands for a week or so, because it is finally sat on apple’s servers…

I’d love to say how good I feel, but I simply feel emotionally drained, I don’t really feel anything (although it is often a rollercoaster of going from immense epic highs, to the feeling that I want to cry like one of those plastic baby toys you can fill with water, and then squeeze so the water sprays out of their eyes…in fact as games drag on, you get more and more depressed, because you simply think it’s never going to end…ever…EVER!)

Getting this game done has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life so far! Thankfully, “Space Lift Danger Panic!” is pretty much done, so the next one won’t feel quite so sould wrenchingly evil!

Anyway, in true punk rock form I have made another ridiculous trailer for this game, it includes my flat mate Dais making a cameo appearance.

Super thanks to everyone who playtested / helped out in anyway, hopefully in a few weeks you can get a warm feeling with me when it hits the app store’s virtual shelves…

As a side note I read a book about marketing apps on Sunday / Monday morning, I feel a bit dirty but I have added an ad for Hiragana Pixel Party to Nuclien (it only appears once, when you load the game for the 11th time or something)..but that means I also decided to do the same to Pixel Party, However, that comes with benefits! Seeing as I had to update the game it meant I could actually add some new content (which is really well overdue!) Here is a trailer for HPP V1.2

Note none of these things are available yet, but if everything goes to plan in about 10 days or less they should be.

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  1. Stanislav permalink

    New songs and achievements, that’s cool! And MAYBE I will buy Nuclien too.

  2. Awesome! it might hep you with counting from 0 – 9 in kanji super fast…but the funny thing is my Japanese friends tend to say “oh shiiiiit” when I present them that game in Kanji mode, “but we don’t use it that much…this is hard!”

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