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Space Lift Danger Panic!

August 7, 2012

Space Lift Danger Panic!!!!!!!!

Those of you who follow springloaded on facebook or twitter may have seen mention of my new game “Space Lift Danger Panic!”

I started making this Atari 2600 throw back a few weeks ago, and guess what it’s almost done!

“…The Space Lift used to travel between the planet SpaceStar X-5 and its spaceports is under siege! A deadly Space-Spike-Drill has been unleashed within its primary levitation tube endangering millions of people!

As the space lift operations manager it’s up to you to save who you can by firing antigrav-repulsor-folds in to the travellers paths to transport them to safety…it’s a lot to ask of one person, but the world believes in you, make them proud…”

Essentially lots of people are falling from space, and you have to open a teleport in their paths, kind of like “parachute” on the Game and Watch but you have to fire the portal slightly in advance of their position as it takes about half a second to open. It makes use of Multi-touch so you might have three people falling down the screen and decide its best to spread your fingers and make three portals at once. Expect a full (and very wordy) write up of the game design process tomorrow! And even better – expect the game to be released in a few weeks, as it is now in the final balancing phase.

Also to everyone testing Nuclien at the moment, thanks for the feedback so far. It’s been great and I am making a few last minute changes based on your comments!

Special thanks go to Jan Urschel for the painting of the spacelifts… ( see his excellent work at and

So here are some screenshots of the my 8-bit dreams (the game has a filter to make it look like its a bit mouldy just like the above box art demonstrates – Old things get mouldy right? even old digital things…right??):

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  1. Luigi permalink

    Mate. How the hell are you coding so many games in such a short time. You’re a machine!!

    What engine are u using?

  2. I am using XNA, crossed with MonoGame, however that isn’t an out of the box solution, it isn’t fully working, so I have to go hunting for fixes fairly often…but the XNA side of things is super fast.

    Thanks for the compliment, but things are going a bit slower than I originally wanted…

  3. Luigi permalink

    I didn’t realise you could use XNA for iPhone development? Hmm. I’ll look into that. Cheers.

  4. Stanislav permalink

    I just bought a New iPad, downloaded Hiragana Pixel Party and discovered that I must buy the game once again in order to unlock all levels. Is it possible to import my save data from iPod Touch? Because some other games allow do that (Tiny Tower for example, once I connected to Internet, asked if I want to import latest save stored online).

    • If you are using the same account, just go through the purchasing steps and it should unlock for free (you think you are paying up until it feels like it is too late) I will be adding restore purchase button in an update that will come out later this month (I hope!)…

      Save data, sadly, no I have not figured out how to use the cloud yet….for my next game (After space life) I will start looking at cloud game saves, once it get’s figured out I will bring to all the games…but it ma be a little while…

      • Stanislav permalink

        You’re right! Thank you!

  5. no problem, it’s really my fault for not putting in the restore purchases button (something I found out that apple normally fail people for)

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