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Can disco text make a boring screen shot look exciting!?

July 11, 2012

I keep on saying Nuclien is done, but then it isn’t submitted to Apple, well after spending all this time on it, people tell me it’s a good game, but still has problems. I am told I should wait until those problems are gone before I submit it, and I agree I am no great rush to get the game out, so would rather get it right. So how do I get from here to releasing it? Get more feedback from people and adjust the game to reflect it. I think (fingers crossed) that I have fixed all the micro transaction stuff, I also added hints for when the game is frustrating, I think the last great frontier is balancing it….Anyway with any luck I will be happy some point over the weekend after the traditional Friday night play test with my ex colleagues. (Really without the input I have got from my friends, the game as a product would be a lot harder to put into perspective)…

Anyway today I took all the screen shots for the apple store, and wrote the description…here are the screen shots (let me know if I made any spelling mistakes!): (also I realise a game that just has a screen with numbers on it doesnt look very exciting to look at…the best I could do to solve that use was epic purple text!)






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  1. Luigi permalink

    Think you’ve done a pretty good job there myself. Who’d’ve thought purple text would ‘excite’ stuff up.

    Game looks very interesting. I’ll grab soon as it goes live.

    One thing – that last screenshot. Bloody hell. Looks rock hard! I think I got it wrong about 5 times just playing the screenshot! Maybe consider a less inundating pic or at maybe not make the whole thing SO grey for that particular one?

  2. it looks hard, but it actually plays 10 times harder than it looks! (it’s right near the end of the game). I thought it made it look arty having that B+W image at the end, but yeah maybe I should quickly drag a gradient across it to give it some extra life! cheers 🙂

    Actually the game is a bit tricky right now, being pushed is what makes the game exciting, but I worry it’s too hard…

    • oh and when you tap the wrong number in the game, the right number eventually starts flashing, so mistakes just cost you time (rather than one mistake and you are out)…so in that respect it’s easier than the screenshot!

      Oh and you have reminded me – I need to send you a message about your blog!

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