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Nuclien OST

July 3, 2012


The Nuclien music is now available for you to check out over at bandcamp, do I think it’s an amazing soundtrack? Well in the context of the game I think it works great, but listening to it on its own? Well you decide!

Listen to it here

I still get a kick out of doing these soundtracks and releasing them with some artwork. It makes me feel like I am still putting out new music in some form…speaking of which, I must finish that punk rock record I started 3 years ago…

Writing music is like the little reward I get at the end of or during making a game. It’s something I feel pretty comfortable doing, so I find it relaxing and fun…which is why I always end up tempted to get lost and spend too much time on it…I have to remind myself I am not making records here, just music to support a game.

Anyway in the words of Ray Slijngaard, “Techno techno tecno techno”!

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