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July 2, 2012

It’s Monday, and I am making icons…any votes for any of those shown below? take a look before reading on…(click to make bigger)


So the angular thing in the background isn’t quite central, I will fix that, but what did you think it was? a but square letter ‘N’? well probably not, but that is what it is supposed to be! believe it or not, that poxy little thing was rendered in 3D max, I haven’t used max in a few years, and this weekend I got it out again…unlike Maya, I feel totally at home in max even with their weird revised (Maya / Unreal) style material editor and my insistence on using all the UDK shortcuts to navigate the scene.

Prior to going 3D I spent quite some time trying to figure an easy way to make a kind of cellular / neuron thing, and once I decided to bite the bullet and do it in polygons it took me all of 10 minutes!

The artistry of a sphere with a cellular bump map, back light and a noise deformation:Image

I always wished I had learnt how to draw then perhaps I’d be able to build cool looking things in 3D, I spent a couple of years messing around with 3D max before joining the games industry (I originally applied to be an artist…actually I originally applied to be a musician, which got me nowhere, so I went off and learnt 3D, and some programming in an attempt to become a 3D artist, finally when everything was looking good, after a 40 minute interview the guy said, OK I will give you the job, but as a musician, not an artist!)…Anyway, yes I spent a long time at home with all these giant 500 page 3D Max bible things learning what every button did, and how to build things from nurbs through to IK rigs, however I eventually realised that no amount of technical understanding can make up for the fact that I can’t draw for toffee, so attempting anything vaguely organic is just a waste of my time. I found out I could make good enough models of anything I could measure and quantify, but when it came to anything that required an understanding of form or relational scales I just made a humiliating mess of triangles.

Anyway, if you have anything to say about the icons – please speak your mind. Is the red one too violent? the pink one not violent enough? I only planned to have a few sentences and a picture, bit this kind of turned in to a full blog post.

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  1. Melody permalink

    I think Nuclien01 icon looks great.. the rest seems to lack abit of oomph

  2. Definitely the red. The rest fade into the background a bit. Particularly the pink…sweet shade of pink though.

  3. did you notice how it looks like the Broken album sleeve? I didnt realise, but then suddenly it hit me, red / orange and a big N in the middle!

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