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Testing 1, 2, 3.

June 19, 2012

another bullet point post:


Focus Testing is something that I should remember to do more of…people seem to like my game, but watching them play it revealed that it is indeed broken in a great number of ways…so as I started to see the end of the road on this project, I suddenly slammed an extra mile or two on it.

People were finding bugs all over the place, and also showing me that my crudely implemented currency system is confusing and annoying…with games like this if people don’t understand what is going on straight away then you are kind of done for.

I am also adding game center support (which means highscore boards – hurrah!)


Sunday saw adventure in the form of a 70KM cycle ride to another country! Many monkeys were seen and more beer was consumed than is probably recommended for bicycle riding. I really didn’t think I’d be capable of such a feet, but when there are motorbikes and taxi’s trying to run you over at every opportunity your body just somehow gets on with it!

Making my way across the bridge with my friend mark with the sole objective of having a beer and then leaving might seem stupid, that’s because it is! On Monday I didn’t manage to pull myself out of bed until 12 and then hobbled around with an aching pair of buttocks for most of the day, you will be pleased to know that they have now returned to normal operation.

here is a rough map,  (drawn from memory) including the extra 5 km Mark made us cycle around Bukit Timah because he anted to go the wrong way.

Windows Phone Hiragana Pixel Party is available now!

Yes it’s out now, there was all kinds of crappiness with the submission process, Microsoft’s developer website really needs an overhaul, it’s pretty confusing and broken in several places. It got approved on Friday, and instead of taking the suggested 24 hours to appear in marketplace searches it took about 4 days (from Friday morning to now). It seems some people get hit with the slowness and others don’t, for me I think it means I miss the new releases page, which obviously impacts sales (although I am expecting very low sales on WP7). I am pleased I got off my ass and released it, and will follow up with a free advertising supported version soon.

Hopefully I will be able to make a version for Microsoft’s newly announced iPad like “surface” with just the click of a button or two…I guess we will find out when they release more info on how to develop for it.

V1.1 is already with them awaiting release, as I err….um…made a bit of an error with the build. There are two buttons in the game that say “buy game” these buttons are obviously important they allow people to pay me. However only one of these buttons actually works! I really should have not made this mistake, it’s pretty shameful! I also noticed that the frame rate is pretty bad on some devices, so have added a graphics button that allows people to turn on and off elements of the background to make the game run a little better. (This will also be in V1.3 on iOS)

General Games stuff:

New ideas for games are just stacking up around me, I am actually starting to dream of one day having folks around me who I can throw ideas at and get things in motion, I realise as just a sole developer I can never get all the stuff made that I want to. Hopefully I will get faster as time goes on, and then who knows…

When I start thinking about some exciting new idea have to remind myself to stop thinking about it and get back to the current project. It’s frustrating, but it’s also great to have too many ideas rather than not enough.


I am also going to make some music for my friend’s game. He is making a version of that old arcade game, Bomb Jack for Windows Phone…his website has nothing on it at all. (But keep an eye out for information if you’d like to give his game a try)

Patent Pending!

I started looking into patents this week too, I have a stupid idea that I want to get my name attached to before someone else does. It is videogame related, and something I think could be huge. I can’t really make it though, it’s simply too big a project for my skills and would probably take me several years. If anyone knows anything about patents please drop me a line…I only just realised registering my patent in Singapore means nothing internationally.

If I manage to get the idea patented I will probably start small and release something that will explain what the idea is.

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