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I liked Prometheus

June 12, 2012

Well my last post was only on Thursday, but here goes….

So panic hit me like a tornado when I realised that this day marks 11 weeks of indie development, and I have only released one thing…releasing things regularly is hard, and the more things you make the more things you have to support so the harder it gets!

Here are some figures I just made up:

Making Hiragana pixel party 1.1 didn’t take me all that long, probably with all the messing around, testing, getting it to build etc I am guessing somewhere around the 3 day mark.

1 week promotion

2 days tech support

So 2 extra weeks I hadn’t accounted for lost to general stuff.

So yesterday I realised I needed to validate my existence and ship something else, I had been playing with the Windows Phone build of HPP for a while, but got to work on it and finally submitted it this morning.


I also found out that Admob (googles advertising service) will allow me to put advertising in my games even though I live in Singapore, this was after I managed to completely break my Microsoft developer account.

Steps to having an almost useless developer account with Microsoft:

  • Register UK credit card for developer subscription
  • Move to Asia, get you identity verified by Microsoft as someone living in Asia – once you are confirmed to be you, you cannot ever change your country of residence…
  • Find out Microsoft do not offer advertising services to people living in Singapore…
  • Try to change country by explaining that I have moved (I haven’t, so no doubt I am really doing something quite bad here). Microsoft at this point explain that any money they might owe me, has to be paid in to a singapore bank account, and if I cannot provide one I will never get the money!
  • At this point I try and register for ad’s anyway, I select UK as my place of residence, but after registering I end up stuck in a loop of doom, I can’t enter my UK bank details (probably because somewhere on the system it knows I live in Singapore), and I can never change my country, so I am stuck in a kind of no-man’s land – Anyway Google to the rescue, everything should be OK.

As for Tax stuff, I don’t really know what I am doing! I live in Singapore, but who knows for how long, I also do a tax return in the UK every year (well a very close friend of mine does it for me!) because I own a small piece of Paradise Central (Coventry – the concrete city). All these unchangeable details make me worried, if I ever actually get some money I was going to get an accountant to advise me what to do, but if I can’t change anything then I am kind of stuck…So let’s hope I never make any money!?

Speaking of which,

Hiragana Pixel Party sales to date (probably the last update for a while):


So that is somewhere around 450 copies! Not so bad, I am still getting about ten sales a day, and I hope because of the educational nature of the game that it will hold there for quite some time. I’ll let you know in 2 months what apple actually pay me for that…I have a few expenses though:


$400 mono-develop licence.

$99 Apple Developer Subscription.

$99 Microsoft Developer Membership.

$100 Web hosting

$1300+ for a mac book pro (I only got a mac for iOS dev, I had an OK PC before that)

$6000 – 2 months of my time, err yeah this is an odd one – Indie dev’s are supposed to factor this in, as it’s lost money you would have got had you had a normal job…I don’t really want to say how much I got paid at Lucasarts, but as a lead designer it was OK, according to Gamasutra the average designer salary in the US last year was 70K, (that is one hell of an average!) , so 70/6 = 6K.

I also got some tech support along the way, that I owe money for…

Also more costs are incoming, I really should get an iPad3, as there is a bug in HPP that I would have fixed had I tested on a real device. Android developer licence, Android monodevelop ($400) and an android phone ($800).

So final books after 2 months:

+$450 – $8000 = -$7550

That is the worst way of looking at it by far! I am actually not really viewing it like that at all, the main thing I focus on is that I am feeling creatively rewarded and end up having fun most days!

I realised this post seems a bit negative, but don’t take it that way. I am not in a negative frame of mind, I am just interested by the way the whole thing is unfolding around me, and the fact that in the tradition of indie game developers it could be like this one day, and totally different the next gives me faith.

And the title of this post has nothing to do with it’s content…I know a lot of people were disaponted with the new Alien movie, but I enjoyed it, I guess they didnt use the word Alien in the title for a reason…one that makes sense after you have seen it.

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  1. astronautcowboy3 permalink

    If you consider some of those expenses startup costs, than your next game should be much cheaper. Kanji Pixel Party, perhaps? Or something that applies to higher level learners?

    • Good point, I agree! I am using that good old British sense of downplaying everything 🙂 I don’t think it’s bad at all, and yes I could reuse the game code to make several similar games…I think Korean is up next at some point, but who knows!
      As for Kanji, I want to add that to the existing game one day…

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