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Yet another indie developer…

April 3, 2012

I have never blogged before, but I thought my adventures in game development away from “the man” might be of interest to people…

My Last Day

My last day in the corporate world, with a bag of my crap over my shoulder.

So, I am 13.5 days in, this is me 2 weeks ago today, leaving Lucasarts Singapore for the last time. It’s a pretty odd feeling, I hadn’t exactly planned it this way, but as I walked from the building the huge frustrations that come with working for a megalithic corporation lifted from my shoulders and were instantly replaced with far more pressure and fear than I have felt since my formative years in this industry.

I have felt frustrations, and joys working with big companies over the years, so now I it’s time to try something else for a little while. My plan is to try creating games on my own and see what I can do….I don’t really expect to succeed as it’s a hugely competitive sector, but I have some capabilities in each of the game development disciplines, so it will be fun seeing how far I can push myself.

What all good plans need is…well planning. So what to do?

Well the ambitiousness kicks in with 1 game every 4 weeks, in the apple store…That is really damned hard, I made a lot of progress in the first week, but as is expected this week has seen things slowing down (particularly with 3 days off over the last weekend). Many things are out of my control, submission, technical issues, not having an iPad 3 to test on, figuring out how to make micro-transactions work, recording dialogue, finding time to promote it to the rather niche audience I have selected (which is partially why this blog is in existence)…

Tomorrow I will explain what I am working on.  But today, I was on my way back from the other side of the island, sitting in the MRT a woman was coughing herself to death, I thought, hell I have no actual reason to sit on this train I have a laptop I can go anywhere, do anything. So now I am at the top of the marina bay financial tower, looking out at one of the best views in the world finishing up my blog post in Microsoft word before settling into some more code. I should enjoy this, the next six months will bring me freedom like never before, oh and more hard work than ever before too.

The fancy hotel that looks like a bent boat

the view from my “desk” as of 3 PM, April 3rd

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  1. Dylbag permalink

    Interesting reading James. Sounds like a big step. I’m interested to hear how it works out.

  2. Richard permalink

    Big steps and good luck. I’ll be watching your progress with interest. I’ll happily share with how hard it is to make a buck on iOS! If you ever have any wild ideas that need a bigger team (not the size of Lucasarts!), maybe you could try your luck in Korea at a smaller company, like where I’m at.

  3. Woh! thanks Rich, who knows it might be fun to come to Korea for a while 🙂 are you actually full time at that company now?

  4. I just want to quickly clarify the above anti-corporate rant. Lucasarts taught me a lot both professionally and personally. The people there have the right attitude in many ways, and they have some phenomenally skilled employees which with the support and stability that a large company offers have the potential to do things most other companies can only dream of.

    Big companies do big things, and I guess I am just very impatient!

  5. Vanessa permalink

    Why “the next six months”? I hope you kick ass! xo

    • well I edited my first post a bit, it was more detailed but perhaps a bit more political than it should have been…anywy the thought of 6 months is that if I havent started making money by then, then I should probably cut my losses and move on…but I am having such a good time who knows if I’ll be able to give up!

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